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Francis Crick

Because of the work done in 1953 by Francis Harry Compton Crick was a British molecular biologist, biophysicist, today we have the ability to synthesize and liquefy through extraction technology the key ingredient that makes TBX-FREETM work so well.

Only because of his finding are we able to get such amazing results in TBX-FREETM.

This product all started several years ago when Redwood Scientific Technologies, Inc. challenged its science team to liquefy the key ingredient in TBX-FREETM and add it to their revolutionary delivery process, the thin film strip. The challenge was to create the ultimate stop smoking product that worked on a molecular level and did not leave the users with any form of addiction. The answer was simply to find a molecule that is as close a match to nicotine which would not be addictive.

Diagram of a solvent-casting film system

In late 2009 the first liquefied form of this product was developed. The results were off the chart. No one had ever seen such success. Now the question was the delivery method. The challenge to making this product work was to get it direct to the body and bypassing the stomach. The team at Redwood Scientific Technologies, Inc. created a dissolvable thin film strip that allows the users to take the product which dissolves quickly and send it directly to the bloodstream.

The feeling a cigarette smoker get when taking the product is so similar to having just smoked a cigarette that it eliminates the desire to smoke. The best part is thanks to the work of Francis Harry Compton Crick we are now able to eliminate smokers’ chances of addiction.

Cure Rate Over Time in Months


Why does nicotine patch and nicotine gum combined have a cure rate of 5% or less when it comes to smoking cessation? Smokers try to stop smoking with the help of a product in the nicotine replacement therapy such as the nicotine patch and the nicotine gum. While these products can help individuals stop smoking for a little while, it can never remove the nicotine from your bloodstream and it can’t erase any withdrawal symptoms. In time the patch and the gum causes another form of nicotine addiction with withdrawal symptoms which cause smokers trying to quit to relapse back to cigarettes.


TBX-FREETM has no nicotine, no tobacco, no tar and no withdrawals. The core ingredient in TBX-FREETM gives smokers the sensation of just having smoked a cigarette when use as recommended. As smokers transition from cigarettes to TBX-FREE™, the body begins to cleanse itself of nicotine in the bloodstream and organs. TBX-FREETM allows smokers to stop smoking once and for all without the use of nicotine. In clinical studies, the active ingredient in TBX-FREETM has has no nicotine and a 20 second absorption rate..